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Who we are?


InvestRural is a South African initiative committed to improving the livelihoods of rural people.

We match traditional communities with those who have the resources, expertise and innovations to unlock rural potential.

Rural people are at the centre of everything we do. They identify the greatest opportunities, own the projects, and provide the land and labour. It is their commitment to this process that makes lasting rural development possible.


Our Mission


Attract investment

Attract investment
and innovation to rural areas


Deliver Solutions

Bring workable solutions to the most fundamental challenges


Act as Catalysts

Act as catalysts for social and economic development


The National House of Traditional
and Khoi-San Leaders

The NHTKL represents traditional leadership at the national level. Preserving customs and heritage, advising government on issues affecting rural people, and championing socio-economic development in their communities. At an Indaba in late 2020, the NHTKL endorsed InvestRural as the best way forward for rural development. As advocates for InvestRural, they work to engage all traditional communities in the process.

In February 2021, the NHTKL hosted a celebration to launch the InvestRural Master Plan. NHTKL Chairperson, Ikosi Mahlungu delivered the following message:

“Today as the institution of traditional leadership we have decided to be in the forefront of bringing hope to our rural communities… I therefore urge all of us, amakhosi [traditional leaders], government, private sector, and our communities to hold hands and make our rural areas places where people work and stay. As the institution of traditional leadership, we say let us invest rural, let us build an inclusive South African economy, let us create our own rural economy and let us realise the vision to ‘improve the quality of life of all citizens and free the potential of each person’ as enshrined in the Constitution.”

Chief Promotor

Karabo Dube

Karabo Dube is a South African entrepreneur with a knack for delivering tailor-made solutions. His experience in business consulting, property development, mining and advisory services nurtured an acumen for value creation and preservation. In 2012, Karabo shifted focus from growing his business towards achieving significance and impact, assembling a talented team to work directly with traditional communities. Over the next seven years they corporatised billions in community assets and launched comprehensive development plans. This expertise was then packaged as a toolkit for capacitating and empowering rural communities at home and elsewhere in Africa.

While the work of corporatisation and planning proved successful, there were limitations to what could be achieved. The need for accelerated rural transformation and a holistic development agenda was clear. In 2019, in partnership with the National House of Traditional and Khoi-San Leaders (NHTKL), the InvestRural initiative was borne. To guide this process, Karabo oversaw the development of the InvestRural Master Plan, which sets out a framework for rural development nation-wide. This Plan was launched in early 2021 and embraced by President Ramaphosa, Absa Bank, foundations and traditional leaders.

The Master Plan

The Master Plan serves as a comprehensive guide for rural development.
It offers a wide-ranging assessment of South Africa’s rural areas, identifies the most viable opportunities,
and delivers sector-based solutions.

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Rural transformation requires a commitment from all sectors of society – from industry to government, investors to entrepreneurs. Contact us to learn more about how your organisation can get involved.