Establish agriculture as a catalyst for the rural economy, food security and wealth creation

Rural areas are home to an abundance of land and labour. Agriculture development will harness these assets, transforming traditional areas into productive farm units. Our focus is on delivering critical infrastructure – providing incubation services to emerging farmers – and improving access to inputs and markets.


Subsistence Farming

Much of the agriculture activity in traditional areas is done by subsistence farmers, most of whom are women. By supporting these farmers we can improve food security and alleviate rural poverty.

Emerging Farmers

Emerging farmers can transform rural livelihoods. Through InvestRural these farmers gain access to arable land, water and other inputs. They receive practical training and support. And are linked to formal agriculture markets.

Commercial Farms

There is vast potential for commercial farming in traditional areas - from fruit and vegetables, to meat, dairy and nuts. InvestRural works with traditional communities to attract investors to this untapped market.

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