Build manufacturing capacity to meet the demands of the rural and regional economy

There are a range of manufacturing opportunities available in rural areas. From food processing and mineral beneficiation - to the products demanded by rural households and industry - and the clothing, bags and cultural goods purchased by tourists. We help traditional communities identify their competitive advantages, attract investment, and build local industries.



By processing farm products locally rural communities can increase agricultural incomes. Opportunities in agro-processing include the manufacturing of fertiliser and other inputs, milling flour, drying, packaging and canning fruits, vegetables and nuts, and producing beer, juice and other beverages.

Mining Inputs & Beneficiation

In mining communities, rural enterprise can seek ways to enter the supply chain – manufacturing everything from low tech inputs, to protective clothing and chemicals. Opportunities will also be pursued in mineral beneficiation, transforming raw materials into higher-value products. This will generate revenue for reinvestment in participating communities.

Household Goods

Nearly everything consumed by rural households is manufactured in the non-rural economy. Yet, most of these are low-tech goods that can be locally produced. Opportunities include the manufacture of toilet paper, cleaning products, female toiletries, soap and home construction materials.

Cultural Products

Traditional communities have a rich cultural heritage that can be translated into products for urban and tourist consumption. This includes not only crafts and jewelry, but also clothing, handbags, shoes, pottery and traditional medicine.

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