Leverage mineral wealth to drive investment and economic growth in mining communities

The mining industry should build prosperity in impacted rural communities. Yet, across Africa its ability to do so is uneven. While some communities have earned vast revenue and employment, others receive little economic benefit in return for the disruption on their land.

Communities in mining areas need to have the business structures and capacity to leverage mineral wealth. Our approach is to ensure that mining activity generates direct community benefits, while also stimulating economic activity in other sectors.


Partnerships with Mining Houses

In some areas there is an opportunity to negotiate strategic partnerships with mining houses. InvestRural works with communities to provide the needed structures and capacity – ensuring that these partnerships benefit all members of the community.

Small-Scale Mining

In South Africa, legal small-scale mining is done by junior and emerging mining houses. Where it is viable, InvestRural will work with communities to broker mutually beneficial deals - providing income, jobs and other benefits.

Suppliers & Value-Addition

The mining industry is vast and complex with opportunities both upstream and down. InvestRural works with mining communities to identify business potential, seek investment and off-take agreements, and build the necessary capacity.

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