Leverage retail spend to support a localised rural economy

Rural households spend most of their income on retail goods including food, clothing and other necessities. Yet most villages lack the retail services needed to meet local demand. We encourage the development of a rural retail system that creates employment – inspires entrepreneurship – and circulates money within the local economy.


Support for Rural Retailers

Rural retailers will have access to a range of support - from training, to business management, and the ability to purchase goods collectively at a lower price. The aim is to build competitiveness and innovation in the rural retail system.

InvestRural Loyalty Program

Coming Soon - The InvestRural Loyalty Program will reward consumers for shopping in their community. It will build retail collectives so that shop owners can buy in bulk at lower prices. And it will generate revenue for reinvestment in participating communities.

Community Fundraising Program

Coming Soon – The InvestRural Community Fundraising Program gives South Africans a way to support rural development when they shop at affiliated partners. For every Rand spent, a percentage will be donated to InvestRural initiatives.

Access To The Vast Rural Market

The rural retail market is both vast and untapped, with consumers travelling long distances to purchase the goods they need. InvestRural provides retail entrepreneurs access to this market, assuming that their innovations drive rural economic development and job creation.

Coming Soon

Connect rural people to markets, services and employment