Rural Enterprise Development

Build the capacity of rural enterprise to seize opportunities and create jobs

Small enterprise, in all sectors of the economy, will drive employment creation and build lasting prosperity for rural people. Entrepreneurs need targeted support to grow their businesses, employ more people, and drive away rural poverty. While a critical mass of rural enterprise is required to achieve sustained economic growth.


Training & Mentorship

Rural entrepreneurs will receive the training they need to launch and grow their business. They will be linked to mentors with expertise in their respective field. And will be able to access this support locally and through centralised InvestRural structures.

Support Services

Rural entrepreneurs need access to the same services as those in urban areas if they hope to compete and thrive. This includes financial services, telecommunications, and support with business registration and compliance.

Access to Opportunities

Investment in rural economies will lead to untold opportunities for small enterprise. Rural entrepreneurs will be given access to opportunities and markets through the negotiation of off-take agreements, aggregation of rural goods, and marketing support.

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