Deliver sustainable, community-based tourism in strategic communities

Tourism can drive prosperity in rural communities - creating jobs and small business opportunities and increasing the flow of money into the economy. It can incentivise and help finance infrastructure investment and encourage the preservation of rural ecosystems and cultures. Our strategy is to pursue community-based tourism in areas with high market potential.

Our Approach

Community-Based Tourism

Community-based tourism benefits those who live in the area, creating jobs and generating revenue to reinvest in local development initiatives. Opportunities such as lodges, hotels and retreats are pursued in communities that are well-positioned for tourism investment.

Communities Operating in this Sector

The Royal Bafokeng (North West) – World Class Tourism

The Royal Bafokeng Nation is a traditional community of more than 130 000 people, inhabiting 29 villages in the North West province. Situated on large platinum reserves, the community has transformed mining royalties into a diversified investment portfolio – designed to ensure the socio-economic future of the Nation.

The RBN portfolio includes three world class tourism facilities - the Royal Marang Hotel and Conference Centre, the Royal Bafokeng Stadium and the Ananda Hotel Precinct. These facilities attract both domestic and international tourists, and generate revenue for reinvestment in the community. They have also sparked the Royal Bafokeng School of Hospitality, giving community members the skills and qualifications needed to work in the regions vibrant tourism industry.

Across South Africa, many traditional communities boast the natural beauty and features tourists look for. With inspiration from the Royal Bafokeng and investment from industry partners, these blessings can also be translated into a sustainable future for traditional communities.

Source: Royal Bafokeng Nation 'Plan 2035'