Education & Training

Build capacity, enable access to employment, and drive economic growth

In rural areas an enormous demand is placed on schools to strengthen early childhood development, build youth capacity, and provide adults with workforce training.

InvestRural is seeking innovative ways to close the urban-rural education gap and build the capacity needed for economic growth. Opportunities abound in education technology, vocational training, and implementing new ways of learning.


The Rural Academy

Coming Soon – The Rural Academy will enable capacity building at a national scale. This includes vocational training in key sectors – from agriculture, to water and sanitation, and manufacturing - and training for traditional leaders. The Academy will be housed centrally and linked to villages through ICT and local training centres.

21st Century Rural Education

To prepare rural students for higher education and employment, rural schools need to deliver ‘21st Century Skills’. This includes critical thinking, problem solving, technological fluency, and digital communications. InvestRural will work with communities, educators and development partners to find innovative ways of funding rural education.

E-Learning & E-Library

Most rural schools lack digital infrastructure, tools and training. To close this digital gap, InvestRural proposes that E-Libraries and E-Learning programs be established. This will first require telecommunications infrastructure, followed by strategic partnerships with donors and investors.

Coming Soon

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