Food Security & Healthy Life Choices

Support healthy rural households by encouraging food security, self-awareness and motivation

A shortcoming of many development programs is the narrow focus on economic issues – ignoring the central role played by rural people. InvestRural takes a different approach. We work with communities to ensure that households are food secure, people are self-aware, and motivation is nurtured.

" What is often overlooked is the immense, untapped potential of rural communities to take the lead in shaping a better future for themselves "


Civic Driven Change

InvestRural seeks to bring about civic-driven change within rural communities. We work with skilled partners and facilitators, who engage all partners – from community members to government, development organisations and the private sector – in an aim to transform the culture of development. Empowering rural people, traditional leaders, change makers and entrepreneurs to drive rural transformation.

Building Healthy Communities

InvestRural seeks interventions across all sectors, from agriculture to rural enterprise development, education and training to healthcare. With every intervention, we ensure that community leaders keep an eye on the capacity to improve rural health and wellbeing. Seeking improvements in everything from food security, to better life choices, while addressing issues around safety, security and gender-based violence.

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