Rural Health

Improve the accessibility and quality of healthcare services

Rural communities experience the highest levels of poverty, the greatest need for care, and the poorest access to health services.

InvestRural takes a holistic view to improving rural health - captured in the Rural Healthcare Assistance Program. This Program looks at everything from the environment, to healthcare facilities, emergency assistance, and chronic disease. Our aim is to find innovative solutions for building a healthier rural society.


Rural Healthcare Assistance Program

Wellness Centres

Community wellness centres target the employed, but uninsured. They will offer a range of primary healthcare services at affordable rates – as well as treatment for chronic conditions, mental health, trauma and counselling. These centres will become viable as rural incomes grow.

Emergency Services

In many rural areas people wait hours or even days for an ambulance. Rural families are often forced to pay high fees for private transport. While the sick and injured are put at risk. The development of a local emergency response program would alleviate this problem, while also creating rural jobs.

Mobile Clinics

Mobile Clinics deliver important, but non-critical care, such as optometry, dentistry and radiology. There is an opportunity to establish these clinics in strategic rural hubs - serving neighboring communities on a rotational basis.

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