Renewable Energy

Reduce household energy costs and enable economic growth

There is vast potential for renewable energy in South Africa’s rural areas. This energy will improve wellbeing and drive economic growth, lessen the burden on the national grid, and support South Africa’s transition to a sustainable energy future. Our aim is to leverage innovative technologies to increase energy supply, improve reliability, and reduce costs.


Mini-Grid Solar Systems

Mini-grid systems transform solar energy into a reliable source of electricity. These systems can electrify areas that are off-grid, reduce the impact of outages, and support economic growth. All while generating much needed revenue for the community.

Waste to Energy Systems

Waste to energy systems transform household, agriculture and industrial waste into heat, electricity, and fuel. They reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, address energy scarcity and create jobs for rural people. 

Specialised Solar Geysers

Around 40% of the energy used in homes is for heating water, with many rural households unable to afford an electric geyser. Specialised solar geysers improve quality of life and drastically reduce energy costs.

Independent Power Producers (IPPs)

South Africa’s IPP Program enables private sector investment in grid-connected renewable energy. By partnering with mines and industry, rural communities will leverage this opportunity to secure revenue, jobs and reliable electricity.

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