Roads & Transport

Connect rural people to markets, services and employment

Rural areas are often isolated from the rest of South Africa. The rural road network offers a lifeline linking villages to jobs and services, while affordable transport is critical for moving both people and products. InvestRural helps rural communities lobby for road infrastructure funding, manage construction projects, and find innovative transport solutions.


Rural Enterprise & Job Creation

Road construction and transport are labour-intensive industries, supporting ¾ of a million jobs in South Africa. Rural communities can directly benefit from investments in this sector by entering into joint-venture agreements, building rural enterprise, and ensuring that local people are employed.

Innovations in Infrastructure & Transport

Rural areas depend heavily on government for the delivery of quality roads, emergency services and subsidised transport. Yet, there is an opportunity for other stakeholders to operate in this space. InvestRural helps communities find and finance innovative ways to move rural people and goods in a way that is affordable, sustainable and transformative.

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