It will link entrepreneurs to business opportunities, markets and training

Improved telecommunications can help bridge the gap between rural and urban communities. Telecommunications infrastructure will ensure that schools and clinics have access to information, resources and new ideas. Link entrepreneurs to business opportunities, markets and training. And enable leaders to better engage with their communities.


Village Wi-Fi

The Village Wi-Fi Network is a cost-effective way of sharing local information and communicating without expensive infrastructure. It can also serve as the backbone for internet connectivity.

Rural Computer Literacy Program

Fewer than 10% of rural homes have access to a computer. The Rural Computer Literacy Program builds digital literacy within the rural population by delivering tools and training.

Village Communicator App

Traditional leadership plays a central role in the life of rural communities. The Village Communicator App makes use of the village WiFi network, allowing leaders to share information and steward the development process.

Attracting Investors and Innovators

Telecommunications is a rapidly transforming industry. Every year brings new technologies – improving connectivity at lower costs. InvestRural will attract innovators and investors, refocusing their attention towards the digital deficit in rural areas.

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