Water & Sanitation

Provide access to clean, affordable water and dignified sanitation

South Africa’s water and sanitation challenges are not an easy fix. Rural settlements are located far from existing infrastructure – water is scarce in many areas and municipal services are hamstrung. Addressing these issues requires a new way of thinking - applying entrepreneurial solutions to what is traditionally a public sector problem.


Sustainable Sanitation Solutions

Most rural communities rely on pit toilets, or long drops, which can bring a host of problems from lack of privacy, to inadequate hygiene and environmental contamination. InvestRural works with innovators, entrepreneurs and investors to solve this intractable challenge.

In Siga Village, a remote community in South Africa’s North West Province, InvestRural launched a pilot project to test the viability of dry-sanitation solutions. Enviro-Loo toilets were installed outside homes and at the Traditional Office and Clinic. This project took a first, critical step towards improving health and restoring the dignity of rural people.

Clean, Affordable Water for All

South Africa is a water scarce country – a challenge exacerbated by climate change, mismanagement of water resources, and decades of pollution. Rural development thus depends on the implementation of sustainable solutions capable of delivering clean, affordable water for all.

InvestRural brings together engaged communities with water engineers and potential investors to pursue the best approach – from accessing groundwater, to harvesting rainwater, and building bulk infrastructure.

Communities Operating in this Sector

Siga Village (North West) – Sanitation Program

Most rural South Africans live without access to basic sanitation and proper hygiene. In Siga, home to the Bakwena Ba Maaka Traditional Community, community members have always relied on pit toilets – often called long drops – whether they are at home, at school or visiting the local clinic. These toilets often lack proper hygiene, fail to provide privacy and security, and are affront to the dignity of rural people.

The sanitation challenge in Siga is a solvable problem. Advancements in dry sanitation have delivered alternatives that are both affordable and sustainable. In Siga, one alternative – the EnviroLoo – was installed at 14 homes, the BBM Traditional Office and the Clinic. This pilot project demonstrated the viability of dry-sanitation in rural areas and the impact on rural lives. The community is now seeking funds to install an EnviroLoo at every home – improving hygiene, restoring dignity, and creating economic opportunities for community members.