Rural Enterprise

Entrepreneurship in rural areas is low relative to other developing countries. Yet, rural enterprise development is critical for job and income creation. Rural enterprise will benefit from the increased investment in infrastructure, services and economic activity. But they also require targeted support including training, mentorship and access to financial services.

Enable Change

We work with traditional communities to lay the foundations for development, community-led planning and local investment hubs.

Build Capacity

We build the capacity of rural people and traditional leaders, including services to better equip traditional structures to lead the process.

Attract Investment

We take an entrepreneurial approach, leveraging rural assets and transforming stubborn challenges into investible projects.

Rural Enterprise Development

Build the capacity of rural enterprise to seize opportunities and create jobs

Entrepreneurs need targeted support to grow their businesses, employ more people, and drive away rural poverty. While a critical mass of rural enterprise is required to achieve sustained economic growth.

We encourage support for local entrepreneurs in every aspect of rural development. Training and mentorship for rural enterprise is critical. While businesses must have access to the contracting and procurement opportunities created by the rural investment drive.

Financial Conclusion

Deliver the financial services, tools and training needed by rural people and enterprise.

Rural communities are the largest underserved market for financial services in South Africa. Yet, the economic development of rural communities both depends on, and will generate demand for, financial services.

By establishing rural-based financial institutions, traditional communities can serve this untapped market. Enable rural entrepreneurs to formalise and grow their business. And generate further revenue for development.